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Asbury Avenue

Remake Architecture was approached to revitalize a single-family home nestled at the rear of a serene, forested lot. The home possessed immense potential but had suffered over the years from haphazard modifications, and the new owners required additional space for their growing family while not losing the harmonious setting within their deep forested yard.


Working through variations with the owners, the strategy envisioned an upward expansion of a two-story addition topped by a roomy loft which maximized the living areas without encroaching too much into the enchanting front yard. The result was a simple yet elegant façade which provided a visual coherency that integrated the new elements into the existing structure. Elegant lines and sympathetic material choices preserved the essence of the original house, while a screened porch, wrap-around deck and large expanses of windows brought in natural light while establishing visual connections to the lush surroundings. Attention to detail also ensured that the new elements complimented and enhanced the home’s existing character, rather than overpowering it.

To minimize framing material usage and waste the design uses Advanced Framing Construction (AFC) techniques. By strategically spacing framing members and using optimized layouts, AFC reduces the overall amount of lumber required for the structural framework. This approach not only conserved valuable resources but also improved energy efficiency and allowed for more insulation within the wall cavities, enhancing the overall performance of the renovated space.

Under Construction

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