Cadiz Court Townhouses


The site is bound by Rainham Road South, which splits at the western tip of the site into a busy thoroughfare on the south side and a residential street on the north side. Frequent bus service is available and the Dagenham East train station is within one kilometre of the site.

The Cadiz Court development will replace an existing eleven-story tower, which currently occupies the Eastern part of the site and is slated for demolition.

The tenure mix is made up of eight purchase flats, six purchase houses, thirty-one rental flats and nine rental houses. All units have outdoor space and the houses have minimally twelve-metre gardens. The flats have either internal or exposed balconies. The block of thirty-one flats has an accessible roof garden and an inaccessible biodiversity roof area.

The development relates in scale and materials to its context referring to a transition from urban to suburban setting, and in its use of brick and fibre cement facades and zinc roofing. The three blocks of housing range from two storey houses to five storey flats.

The development is to achieve an EcoHomes very good rating. An energy and CO2 emission reduction strategy has been developed for Cadiz Court to address the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s Planning Advice Note Policy 5, requiring all new developments to achieve a 20% CO2 emission reduction compared to Building Regulations Part L requirements, 10% of which must be achieved through the use of on site renewables.

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