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Long Avenue

The renovation of the kitchen, dining and family room area is a transformative project that will breathe new life into the client's family home. The existing powder room, with its awkward configuration, has long been a hindrance to the flow of the house. Its strategic reconfiguration will create a smoother and more functional layout. The kitchen expansion not only allows for more storage and workspace but also introduces a charming breakfast seating nook. The connection between the kitchen and the family room will be thoughtfully opened up, enhancing the flow between these living spaces while also respecting the autonomy that each space requires. This alteration fosters a sense of togetherness, allowing family members to interact more freely whether they were cooking, eating, or relaxing.


A highlight of the renovation is the addition of new sliding doors in the family room, which will lead out onto a spacious outdoor deck. This outdoor extension will provide a space for alfresco dining, hosting gatherings, or watching backyard movies.


Overall, the renovation aims to modernize the home's layout, improving functionality, and bringing a sense of unity between indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating a more inviting and harmonious environment for the homeowners.

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