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Ridge Avenue

In this project, our primary objective was to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the residence by reconfiguring the rear entry and renovating the first-floor kitchen, dining and living spaces. The rear entry was redesigned to facilitate a smoother flow between the indoor and outdoor areas, and because the existing rear porch had a non-compliant side yard setback, the design was careful to create a large enclosed mudroom without encroaching further into the required zoning setback. This design has been approved by the City of Evanston for a minor zoning variance to comply with local setback regulations.


The interior renovation focuses on improving the layout of the first-floor spaces. The kitchen and dining areas will be reorganized to create a more efficient and seamless connection between them. This design change accommodates the range of needs of the client's growing family and improves the overall flow of the living spaces. These areas are also carefully planned to provide comfortable and inviting spaces for various activities, from quiet moments to large social gatherings with family and friends.

Existing Photos

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