Wakering Road Student Accomodation


Involved in concept design, planning submission, construction documentation, EcoHomes coordination and over-seeing construction.

The L-shape building is designed around an enclosed garden with soft landscaping and permeable paving. The ground and first floors contain training rooms, staff offices and communal facilities and enable transparency to the surrounding streets. Above this, seven storeys of residentialdorm-style accommodation is arranged either side of a glazed circulation spine. Rainscreen cladding in an abstract composition of vertical panels diffuses the repetitive nature of the housing units beyond.

The project is aiming for an EcoHomes 'very good', 10% on-site renewables and meet new building regulations. Office areas are heated by a ground coupled heat pump system and cooled through operable windows and concrete co-activation system with exposed soffits, eliminating the need for mechanical refrigeration. Residential areas use under-floor heating with a high-efficiency boiler system. A low velocity controlled constant ventilation system removes the need for trickle vents, thus limiting heat losses. Grey water recycling, dual flushing toilets and spray taps are specified. Areas of the roof are planted to reduce surface water run-off, encourage biodiversity, and provide additional amenity space. Modern Methods of Construction, such as bathroom pods and prefabricated wall cassettes have reduced waste and on-site pollution.

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